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National policy → Government policy
Church and State, Democratization, Development policy, Financial policy, Foreign policy, Migration policy, Monetary policy, Policy making, State and education
National policy, Public policy
Politics, law and economics > Politics and government
سياسة الحكومة (ar), سياسة عامة (ar), سياسة وطنية (ar), سياسات حكومية (ar), Politique gouvernementale (fr), Politique de l'État (fr), Règle d'action nationale (fr), Politique officielle (fr), Politique du gouvernement (fr), Politique publique (fr), Государственная политика (ru), Общенациональная политика (ru), Политика государства (ru), Política gubernamental (es), Política nacional (es), Política estatal (es), Política pública (es), Política del estado (es), Política oficial (es)