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هيدرولوجيا (ar), الهيدرولوجيا (ar), Hydrologie (fr), Гидрология (ru), Hidrología (es) Concept group Collection
Ecohydrology, Hydrogeology, Hydrological measurement, Hydrological networks, Hydrological research, Hydrosphere
Earth sciences, Fluid mechanics, Freshwater, Glaciology, Groundwater, Hydraulic engineering, Hydrodynamics, Hydrological cycle, Hydrologists, Hydrology education, Oceanography, Regime of waters, Rivers, Surface water, Water balance, Water resources, Water supply
Hydrography, Water sciences
Science > Hydrology
علم المياه (ar), علم المساحة البحرية (ar), علوم المياه (ar), هيدرولوجيا (ar), هيدروغرافيا (ar), علم وصف المياه (ar), جغرافيا مائية (ar), Hydrologie (fr), Hydrographie (fr), Hydroscience (fr), Sciences de l'eau (fr), Гидрология (ru), Гидрография (ru), Науки о воде (ru), Hidrología (es), Ciencias del agua (es), Hidrografía (es)
Hydrology education
Engineering education
Education > Technical and vocational study subjects
تعليم الهيدرولوجيا (ar), Enseignement de l'hydrologie (fr), Гидрологическое образование (ru), Enseñanza de la hidrología (es)