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Hydraulic engineering
Drainage engineering, Harbour and coastal engineering, Hydraulic structures, Irrigation, River and lake engineering, Underwater technology
Drainage, Engineering geology, Flood control, Hydraulic equipment, Hydroelectric power stations, Hydrology, Land reclamation, Mechanical engineering, Pumps, Water turbines
Water engineering
Politics, law and economics > Civil, military and mining engineering
هندسة مائية (ar), هندسة هيدرولية (ar), هندسة هيدروليكية (ar), هندسة المياه (ar), هندسة الماء (ar), Technologie hydraulique (fr), Génie de l'eau (fr), Ingénierie hydraulique (fr), Hydrotechnique (fr), Technique hydraulique (fr), Génie hydraulique (fr), Гидравлическая техника (ru), Гидротехника (ru), Ingeniería hidráulica (es), Ingeniería del agua (es), Ingeniería hídrica (es), Tecnología hidráulica (es), Técnica hidráulica (es), Hidrotécnica (es)