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Environmental deterioration → Environmental degradation
Climate change, Human activities effects, Pollution, Soil degradation
Deforestation, Environmental conservation, Environmental impact assessment, Environmental indicators, Environmental quality, Natural environment
Environmental changes, Environmental deterioration
Science > Pollution, disasters and safety
تدهور بيئي (ar), تغيرات البيئة (ar), تدهور البيئة (ar), انحدار بيئي (ar), Dégradation de l'environnement (fr), Modification de l'environnement (fr), Détérioration de l'environnement (fr), Экологическая деградация (ru), Разрушение окружающей среды (ru), Изменения в окружающей среде (ru), Deterioro ambiental (es), Deterioro del entorno (es), Desgaste medioambiental (es), Daños medioambientales (es)