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1.10Educational policy
سياسة تعليمية (ar), السياسة التعليمية (ar), Politique éducative (fr), Политика в области образования (ru), Política educacional (es) Concept group Collection
Educational policy
Adult literacy, Alternative education, Church and education, Computer uses in education, Educational discrimination, Educational indicators, Educational objectives, Educational strategies, Education and culture, Global citizenship education, Industry and education, Language of instruction, Leisure and education, State and education, Study abroad, Teacher policy
Democratization of education, Development policy, Educational cooperation, Educational development, Educational reform, Right to education
Education > Educational policy
سياسة تربوية (ar), سياسة تعليمية (ar), Politique éducative (fr), Politique de l'éducation (fr), Политика в области образования (ru), Política educacional (es), Política educativa (es)