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4 results for 'climate'

Climatic data, Climatic maps
Climatic zones, Precipitation, Weather
Science > Meteorology
مناخ (ar), طقس (ar), Climat (fr), Климат (ru), Clima (es)
Climate change
Environmental degradation
Climatology, Disaster risk reduction, Geoengineering, Global warming, Weather modification
Science > Pollution, disasters and safety
تغيّر المناخ (ar), تغيير مناخي (ar), Changement climatique (fr), Изменение климата (ru), Cambio climático (es)
Climate change adaptation
Disaster risk reduction, Environmental policy, Resilience
Adaptation to climate change
Science > Pollution, disasters and safety
تكيف مع تغير المناخ (ar), Adaptation au changement climatique (fr), Adaptación al cambio climático (es)
Climate engineering → Geoengineering
Climate change, Environmental engineering
Climate engineering
Politics, law and economics > Manufacturing and transport engineering
الهندسة الجيولوجية (ar), هندسة المناخ (ar), Géo-ingénierie (fr), Ingénierie climatique (fr), Геоинженерия (ru), Geoingeniería (es), Ingeniería climática (es)