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Biological engineering → Biotechnology
Cloning, Genetically modified organisms, Neurotechnology
Agricultural chemistry, Agricultural genetics, Agronomy, Biochemistry, Biological control, Cell biology, Chemical technology, Enzymes, Fermentation, Fertilizers, Food technology, Forest products, Forestry, Fuel technology, Genetics, Immunology, Medical technology, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Pharmaceutical technology, Plant genetics, Pollution control, Proteins
Bioengineering, Biological engineering, Genetic engineering
Politics, law and economics > Manufacturing and transport engineering
تكنولوجيا بيولوجية (ar), تكنولوجيا حيوية (ar), هندسة حيوية (ar), هندسة احيائية (ar), هندسة بيولوجية (ar), هندسة وراثية (ar), تكنولوجيا احيائية (ar), Biotechnologie (fr), Ingénierie biologique (fr), Ingénierie génétique (fr), Bioingénierie (fr), Биотехнология (ru), Генная инженерия (ru), Биоинженерия (ru), Биологическая инженерия (ru), Biotecnología (es), Bioingeniería (es), Ingeniería biológica (es), Ingeniería genética (es)