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Environmental pollution (en) → Pollution (en)
Environmental degradation
Air pollution, Industrial pollution, Noise pollution, Oil pollution, Radioactive pollution, Soil pollution, Water pollution
Environmental health, Environmental monitoring, Global warming, Human activities effects, Manmade disasters, Pollution control, Wastes
Environmental pollution
Science > Pollution, disasters and safety
تلوث (ar), تلويث (ar), تلويث بيئي (ar), تلويث البيئة (ar), تلوث البيئة (ar), Pollution (fr), Pollution du milieu (fr), Pollution ambiante (fr), Pollution environnementale (fr), Загрязнение (ru), Загрязнение окружающей среды (ru), Contaminación (es), Contaminación ambiental (es), Polución (es), Contaminación medioambiental (es)