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Ethnic minorities → Ethnic groups
Amerindians, Arabs, Asians, Coloureds, Fulbe, Indigenous peoples, Inuit, Multiethnic societies, People of African descent, Roma, Tribes, Whites
Cultural anthropology, Ethnic conflicts, Ethnology, Ethnopsychology, Interethnic relations, Jews
Ethnicity, Ethnic minorities, National minorities, Race, Racial groups, Racial minorities
Social and human sciences > Ethnic questions
Grupo étnico (es), Minoría nacional (es), Raza (es), Minoría étnica (es), Minoría racial (es), Groupe ethnique (fr), Minorité raciale (fr), Race (fr), Groupe racial (fr), Appartenance ethnique (fr), Origine ethnique (fr), Minorité nationale (fr), Minorité ethnique (fr), Ethnisme (fr), Этнические группы (ru), Расовые меньшинства (ru), Расовые группы (ru), Этническая принадлежность (ru), Этнические меньшинства (ru), Раса (ru), Национальные меньшинства (ru)