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Health services
Hospitals, Medical centres, Patients
Clinical medicine, Family planning, Health education, Health policy, Medical personnel, Nursing, Right to health, Self help, Social security
Community health services, Health care, Medical services, Social medicine
Social and human sciences > Social policy and welfare
خدمات صحية (ar), رعاية صحية (ar), خدمات طبية (ar), خدمات صحية مجتمعية (ar), طب اجتماعي (ar), Service de santé (fr), Médecine sociale (fr), Service sanitaire (fr), Soins de santé (fr), Service de soins communautaires (fr), Unité sanitaire (fr), Service médical (fr), Услуги здравоохранения (ru), Медицинские услуги (ru), Услуги здравоохранения на местном уровне (ru), Здравоохранение (ru), Социальная медицина (ru), Servicio de salud (es), Servicio sanitario (es), Servicio médico (es), Medicina social (es), Unidad sanitaria (es)